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It’s time for a reunion.


In 2006 the Electronic Music Alliance hosted an event called Masquerave at Club X-it in Hollywood, FL. Party-goers were encouraged to participate in the theme by wearing masks and costumes. The night was a success and became a wildly popular yearly event.


In 2010 Masquerave 4 saw 1600 people trying to pack into X-it. It was just an explosion of ravers and a sight to see. Due to an anonymous tip, the police showed up and tried to end the night. It turned out they couldn’t empty the club as fast as the shady club owner could fill it back up by re-charging for entry. It was a buzzkill for many but the party would not be stopped. Masquerave 4 was alive and raged even harder because of it.


That was 8 years ago. It’s time to dust off your masks, your fluffies, and your candy. Its time to see everyone we love and those we have missed over the years. It’s time for a Masquerave Reunion.  Click Here for more info.


See you at the show. ♥